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MEHGALAYA LUBRICANTS PVT LTD. Is a professionally managed leading lubricants manufacture in India incorporated in 2010 to manufacture quality lubricants to all sectors of society including agriculture industrial & automotive sectors under the brand name “MTC FORCE”.

Since the inception MTC FORCE has continuously expanded & due to its flexibility in adopting latest technology as to keep our products abreast with all major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approves & keeping up with American petroleum institute & other quality standards . Continuous product development & increased production capacity as to fulfill the market demand.

MEGHALAYA LUBRICANTS PVT LTD is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Since the beginning the organization is following the system of customer satisfaction & relationship building as the company believes that “bonds build business”.

Our company is operating from New Delhi & our products are manufactured in New Delhi but our offices are in Delhi & Gurugram.

The marketing activities are managed by dedicated professionals with vast experience in the lubricants industry supported by technical service team to meet 100 % customer satisfaction.


In the business world values are standards of conduct that a company wants each member of the organization

to follow their values as it play a major role in the growth of the organisation FAIRNESS= A company with a reputation for fair & honest dealing encourages customer , supplier & service provider to do business with him again & again.

Valued product = with the use of latest technology & method our products should posses best quality at reasonable prices.

Employee development = our company seek to improve the quality of life for the employee as they view their carrier more than a means of earning wages. We should provide a carrier path & help them in learning new skills & help them in achieving the goals of their life & in collaboration with the company.

Innovation = To provide the customer the latest TECHNOLOGY & Grade of lubricants as to enjoy the best performance of latest equipment & machines.

Social responsibility = Our actions today impact the worlds tomorrow” so we should promote encourage users to opt for lubricants with increased re-lubrication level &period so that we can reduce the disposal of used lubricants.

Our Team

MEGHALAYA LUBRICANTS PVT LTD. Is a professionally managed brand & our team consist of experts in product chemistry , marketing activities are managed by dedicated professionals with vast experience in the lubricant industry supplied by technical service team to meet 100 % customer satisfaction personality development & technical knowledge update is a regular activity that keeps our team motivated .

Quality assurance

Apart from being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company our company has well documented quality assured program so that we can provide the best quality products & service by achieving the highest possible standards in every task we perform.


To provide quality product that reflect true value with best customer support service enhance integrated management system & performance through establishing & reviewing objectives & targets. Best management & marketing team through regular training communication & technical knowledge update sessions & to attain sustained growth level in a focused transparent & ethical manner exceeding customer expectation.


we must get ready for tomorrow today by understanding trends & focus that will shape our business in the future & assist our customer in “achieving their goals” that’s our 2021 vision to be the foremost Indian lubrication manufacturing company most admired for its quality products , reliable performance & best service with a perspective of “global excellence” & to make our products available at each hook & corner of the world .

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